Werbetal goose dinner

Goose very tasty

Autumn has come to Lake Edersee. From October onwards, we will be serving our delicious crispy geese again. We ask for table reservations!

A goose for 4 people from the end of October until 17 December (always from Wednesdays to Sundays). First we serve you a consommé of the Martinmas goose. At the table we carve for you: A whole goose for 125.00 € or a Waldecker Frei-Land goose from farmer Hamel from Meineringhausen for 160.00 € and serve it with: Baked apple, red cabbage, Brussels sprouts and potato dumplings including a bottle of red wine. As a souvenir to take home, each goose comes with a "small bowl" of goose fat.

"Goose to fly" from Werbetal
We also offer the Werbetaler goose dinner at your home or for groups. The whole goose with in-house carving instructions or professionally carved. Arrange a pick-up time with us when you order in advance!

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