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Guest room

As soon as you enter our hotel and head towards reception, you will see the cozy “Seeblick” guest room on the left through a glass door with lovingly laid tables and upholstered benches.

Rezeption Hotel Werbetal

Where pleasure meets the view

A wide window front provides an unobstructed view of Lake Edersee and the subsequently erected, slated church spire, which still looks out of the water. As everywhere else, these window seats are the most sought-after and are usually quickly taken – no wonder, really, if you can enjoy this view. Of course, you can also enjoy the delicious food and drinks at all the other tables in the room.

You simply feel at home here – whether you are longing for a hearty snack after a long hike or bike ride or just want to treat yourself to a cappuccino or a small ice cream sundae.