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Our Flair-Hotel Werbetal is a place of rest and relaxation. We want our guests to come to rest here and recharge their batteries for everyday life. Stress and hectic end at our front door.

We Gerlachs want to fulfill our guests’ wishes and exceed their expectations during their stay and always treat them with warmth and attention.

Hotel Werbetal Personal

Discover our family hotel

Our employees are extremely important to us in our daily hotel work. They bring our hotel to life and enjoy our trust. They welcome and pamper our guests or work in the background to ensure their well-being. They carry out their tasks in our interests and are guided by the high quality and service standards of our family and the Flair cooperation.

The fact that we attach great importance to attention to detail is clearly visible throughout the hotel. We have combined and staged valuable antiques with modern elements and decorations. Our cuisine is regionally influenced, most of the dishes on offer are of local origin or come from old family recipes.

Conclusion: Our Flair-Hotel Werbetal is a family-run, hospitable hotel, environmentally friendly and future-oriented. A place to relax, enjoy and celebrate, to live and feel at home. The desire to make all guests happy is our simple philosophy.

Your Gerlach family and all employees