Nature conservation

For the sake of our environment

Our house is a traditional business whose roots go back to the year 1866. However, we do not want to rest on the laurels of our ancestors, but look hopefully to our descendants and to the preservation of our house, our home, our beautiful nature and landscape. That is why the topic of ecology and environmental protection is also very close to our hearts. Here it is important to us to operate sustainably and to conserve resources.
And that in turn means using mainly regional products to shorten transport routes.

In addition, we use renewable energies from our own "production" in the hotel and operate a photovoltaic system on the roof of our house as well as a modern wood chip heating system in the basement. For these investments and an overall environmentally friendly management, we have been awarded by the
German Hotel and Restaurant Association with a Golden Plaque.

Sustainability is an imperative of the times. That is why we started breeding a small herd of cattle years ago, which has now grown to the point where we can cover a large part of our kitchen needs with the meat. So we are also a bit proud to be recognised today as an organic and controlled farm (HERE you can find the corresponding certificate). Isn't it good to know that our animals are kept in a species-appropriate way and are allowed to grow up outdoors? Feeding and care have become a passion of the landlord Christian Gerlach.

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