Enjoying culinary delights

Welcome to our restaurant with adjoining sun terrace and view of the Edersee.

A family tree, photos from the good old days, lots of wood from home and cosy benches, warm colours and old house recipes, modern interpretations and friendly service. All this contributes to the fact that you can relax and enjoy yourself here.
Enjoy your meal!

We Gerlachs are Waldeckers, with body and soul. Rooted in the region and yet open to the big wide world. In culinary terms, this is also reflected in our menu: there are both down-to-earth traditional dishes as well as international dishes, prepared as far as possible with fresh products from the region.

Sustainability is an imperative of the times, freshness is our motto. This is also why we started breeding a small herd of cattle years ago, which has now grown to the point where we can cover a large part of our kitchen needs with the meat. So we are also a little proud to be recognised today as an organic and controlled agricultural enterprise. Isn't it good to know that our animals are kept in a species-appropriate way and are allowed to grow up outdoors? Feeding and caring for them have meanwhile become a passion of the landlord Christian Gerlach.

We prefer to buy vegetables, fruit, eggs, game and poultry from regional producers and suppliers. This keeps distances short and protects the environment. Local hunters supply us during the game season in autumn. The deliciously crispy Martin goose had a happy life beforehand in species-appropriate husbandry on the large goose meadow of the farmer in the neighbourhood.

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