Unesco World Natural Heritage Kellerwald

The good Lord and Mother Nature have poured out the whole cornucopia of beauty over our low mountain landscape around the Edersee. This did not go unnoticed by UNESCO either, and so in 2011 they recognized certain selected areas, namely the last large red beech forests in Central Europe, as a World Natural Heritage Site. The 406 km² Kellerwald-Edersee Nature Park in the south of the lake also encloses the 57 km² national park - an original, natural landscape with steep slopes, gnarled ancient oaks and other primeval forest remnants.

The flora and fauna in this area are also unique. Among other things, there is evidence of the Pentecostal carnation, a botanical rarity and survivor of Lake Edersee. In addition, the reindeer lichen, which originates from the last ice age, can be found here again and again. You can find more information here ...

3 photos: Edersee Touristic GmbH – – Martin Prasch

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